Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What a difference a 'person' makes...

I'm right in the thick of the exhibition arrangements right now and it's all very exciting. The people that are involved with the 365 project have been and are being incredible. I'm such a 'people' person and getting the right people on board to make this whole project work really hasn't been difficult but the sheer process has if anything highlighted the importance of getting to know everyone involved right from the printer to Salvo's PR consultant (a wonderful girl called Rachel McAlley.)

Getting this thing off the ground as a novice was quite daunting at first. Approaching possible venues to host it, getting people interested in coming, keeping Naomi's Fund (the charity) in the loop, getting the right print and frame at the right cost etc, etc... the list is long and endless.

So far, everything couldn't be going better. The reason for this... people. It's as simple as that. Mabeth from the charity is wonderful, we get together regularly and bounce ideas of each other. Tom (my husband) has been amazing, giving us his much sort after time for all sorts of our processes. Salvo's Restaurant in Leeds (our exhibition host) and acclaimed F Word Best Italian restaurant winners have been brilliant. Friendships and meetings have been struck up with John, Gip & Rachel from Salvo's and their help and enthusiasm has been refreshing.

Today Mabeth & I ventured out to look at who we could use to frame all 365 of these little gems and were struck by the warmth and genuine friendliness of a company in Leeds called Picture Plus. We went to a few other places before Picture Plus and weren't particularly enamored with the response and in fact if I'm truthful, their lack of people skills. The friendly, family business of Picture Plus was second to none and worth it's weight in gold. Lucy & her dad Pat welcomed us and helped immensley with our decisions and I'm really looking forward to working with them throughout the project.

So with happy heart, the project moves forward a few steps and it's exciting to see it starting to take shape. It also highlights the reason why I like genuine people, they interest me. Automated messages, spam phone calls, personality-less thanks.

Onwards and upwards goes 365 with thanks to all those involved so far :)

H x

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