Sunday, 7 February 2010

A huge success... and lots of thank you's...

Well it happened!! It well and truly happened. On Wednesday 4th February 2010 I had my very first exhibition. From day one on 2nd February 2009 and my first picture of the day I didn't realise what a journey the whole process would take me on. Firstly it was a little personal challenge to dig out my creative side and secondly never in my wildest dreams did I think this would have been the result.

It's been one of the best things I could have done for myself in terms of personal development. I've plunged into a whole other world of photography and I'm really, really enjoying it. I can't wait to dot the t's and cross the i's on my next one which I'm hoping to start in May once this exhibition has finished.

CC Imaging who dealt with all of the printing were so patient as we sat working out how we were going to get the right size and maintain quality for each individual image. They had to print right up to the wire because my last picture was taken the day before the whole thing had to be finished and they never batted an eyelid. Then they told me they wouldn't charge for ANY of the 365 individual images that they printed (and more as we tested many variations along the way) because they wanted to give something to the charity! How nice is that! So John, Mark, Taj and Chris... Thanks guys, you're awesome.

The Flash Centre's Graham & Russ who didn't really need to get too involved in the project have been an incredible source of support and advice throughout the year. They've never failed to help me whenever I've needed it with camera advice above and beyond any corporate 'chain.'

Pictures+ took on the task of cutting each individual mount and frame and glass by hand all at a lower than normal price purely for the charity. New contacts for me to work with forever and if you ever need anything framing... these are your guys. Every mount and frame was perfect, they even came and hung them all. Yup, that's 365 of the little buggers all hanging neatly on the wall. So to Lucy, Pat, Pete & John THANK YOU. You did an incredible job.

Salvo's, the restaurant that has allowed me to put 365 holes in their walls and are holding the exhibition for 3 months. John & Gip and their PR girl Rachel were so accommodating and they too provided their space and time for free. I think your bar is perfect for the exhibition and I hope lots of people come to see the pictures, maybe buy one or two and treat themselves to some of your delicious food.

And of course Mabeth & Sally who have started the charity Naomi's Fund. They took a huge punt on my idea. They paid for the initial cost of mounting and framing and to break even we had to sell half. I'm really pleased to say we did that on Wednesday, opening night, so every single image that is being sold now is all going into the charity and I'm so pleased. Mabeth's been wonderful and the charity deserves to get the help it needs to get registered and start helping those kids out there who need it. Good luck and thank you for your belief in me. x

So the night, how did it all go? It was brilliant. Over 150 people turned up and over 160 images were sold that night. It was slightly manic and poor Mabeth was more than a little flustered with the desperate cries of 'I want that one'!! But people went home with smiles on their faces clutching a little piece of my year. I loved watching people and seeing which ones they liked or disliked and it was incredibly interesting seeing just what people bought for their walls. It's been an experience I will never forget and I hope to move onto another project and keep pushing my boundaries.

I'm proud of myself. It's not often I say that, but I am. I'm proud of myself. And like I say I couldn't have done it without all of those involved above. However, without my husband who is a constant source of my inspiration NONE of this would have happened. I did this because he believed in me more than I believed in me and that's priceless. Thanks husband x

There are still images left to buy so if you fancy some good food and a peruse pop into Salvo's.


H x

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