Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Back in the blogging saddle...

I never really did get into a routine of blogging on my photography website. That's mostly because I was too busy blogging over on our joint spot that Tom and I wrote, about my never decreasing triathlon training and whatever races I had coming up. Well, these times they are a changing! It's time to get the wheels back in motion over here and let you all know what's going on in my crazy world of photography. Who have I/am I/haven't I snapped and what's on the agenda for the future...that's the plan...regularily. Be prepared some weeks are painful as I sit for hours editing at my computer...those blog's could be short in length!!

So...what am I up to?

Well, I finished my first proper personal project (365-a picture a day for a year), had the exhibition launch in Salvo's where it was held for four months and sold 240 images which made the charity I sold them for (Naomi's Fund) very happy. This whole process has made me see how in-valuable it has been to me and my photography. I've made myself a creative well which I can now dip into. I now see the world and it's objects differently and think nothing of whipping my iPhone out to snap something that catches my eye. I'm revolutionised!! So, now, with work bubbling over at a constant (some weeks more constant than others) I'm working on another personal project. I may have physically moved far from the world of sport but mentally I still think like an athlete, except now I can see like a photographer because my head isn't too full of race pressure, times to hit or people to beat. Hopefully by the end of this year I'll have enough material to start putting together a great set of images based in and around the Cycling Time Trial world. I've shot images on my Canon 5D MarkII, my iPhone and even messed around with a not very reliable and gimicky yet quite sweet Holgaroid. The above images are a taster of what I've been doing.

I also need to update the images on my website. I've done a lot since it was made and I'm looking forward to be able to get my other images out there. I'm working on this with Chris and Gav from Occipital, the marvellous makers of said site! I'll keep you posted and as soon as the new images go up I'll give you a prod.

Happy snapping.

H x

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  1. Looking forward to hear all about "Creative Helen" after all this time of "Athlete Helen". Rogier