Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Packing light...

Afternoon sunshine

Seaton Sluice coast line

Paul - The Gaffer

The North Sea

Little seat

I spent some time up North shooting the stills on a new Brenda Blethyn drama this week. (Working on a film set by the way is far from glamorous and requires a lot as in A LOT of waiting around but the crew are great and I managed to amuse myself with my iPhone in between shoots with Brenda). I'll write a blog about a day on a set soon. We were shooting by the coast in Seaton Sluice - see above iPhone images. I hail from South Shields which must only be about ten (ish) miles away and I'm ashamed to say I'd never ever been to this beautiful place. Funny how people always seek to explore further from home when really home is worth the exploration too!

In fact the exact same thing happened when Tom & I flew to Geneva for the weekend to see his Pa. Tom's Dad, Brian, has lived in Geneva for ten years and we've been quite a few times for fleeting visits, usually for birthday dinners or celebrations and so we haven't really visited many places in Geneva. This weekend we did loads of things and Brian said the exact same thing. Showing us some of the beautiful places in Geneva and surrounding areas he looked at it through our visiting eyes and was amazed at just how lucky and how lovely where he lives is.

We travelled with CheesyJet. We also only travelled with hand luggage which for a girl is really quite difficult! It also meant that I wouldn't be taking my camera's with me but I knew I could rely on my trusty iPhone and snapped happily for the whole weekend.

As you can see, we did a lot. Enjoy!

H :0)

The Rhona in Geneva

Sunbathing statue - Geneva

Looking over the bridge - Geneva

Tom & Brian - Geneva

Fountain painting the sky - Lake Geneva

Wet sky - Geneva

Fire Hydrant - Geneva

Sunshine and streetlight - Lake Annecy

Jonny Brownlee - World Sprint Triathlon Champion - Lausanne

Graffiti - Geneva

Rooftops - Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy Old Town

Lake Annecy Old Town

Shutters - Lake Annecy

Me and my iPhone at work


  1. Great pics as usual. Oh and it takes me back to being a teenager. We spent a few summer holidays at Lake Geneva and Annecy. Lots of sailing, fun and, at that time, frolicing in the sun ;)

  2. Love the photos, as usual.