Thursday, 25 November 2010

Busy bee...

"If you need something doing, give it to someone busy"... isn't that how the saying goes?

This month has been crazy... brilliant, but crazy!

Earlier in the year I was commissioned to shoot the cover image for a great book, Britain and the Olympic Games - Past, Present & Legacy, which was launched last Tuesday in London. Matt Rogan and his Dad Martin (the authors) weren't quite sure what they wanted to have as the front cover. The nice thing about this commission though was that Matt already loved my work and trusted me and my ideas. We worked together to come up with what we thought would be the perfect image for his first ever book.

I shot it on the track at Leeds Metropolitan University armed with a British flag and a plethora of ideas, none of which I was sure would work! I'd asked my good friend Sarah if she thought her son Joe would like to be the model, he's got such a great face and he's also an aspiring and talented athlete, I knew he would be perfect. The hardest thing was trying to keep an element of childish hope, talent and Britishness yet not really show Joe's face as he needed to be anonymous to stop people wondering who he was. We also wanted to age the picture to maintain the sense of the past yet keep the colour in the flag to represent the present, with Joe representing the legacy.

The launch on Tuesday went brilliantly and it was great to meet the publishers as well as hang out with Matt & Martin Rogan. The book looks great (available on Amazon if you fancy a read) and I'm proud to have shot the cover. Matt loved so many of the images Joe & I created that day on Carnegie track that he asked for five of them to be printed on blocks (see below). I found some motivational sports quotes and added them to the images and Matt auctioned them, raising £1500 for the Meningitis Trust. Hope you like them...

So... what else have I been up to...

Well, if you take a look at the portfolio section of my website you'll see I've finally got round to updating a lot of the images on it. It's one of those tasks that I put off and put off but I'm pleased I've done it.

I've just shot another front cover for TVTimes with Lorraine Kelly and was really pleased to be commissioned to shoot Theo Paphitis, for the BBC. I'll tell you all about him in my next blog. I've just spent two days in Manchester Children's Hospital for ITV's series 2 of the programme and tomorrow I'll be photographing ballet dancers just before they go on stage. My job is anything but boring, I absolutely love it. I'm also really excited to see if I'll be lucky enough to be commissioned for a tv project that will take me over the pond to the US of A with a celebrity...fingers crossed!! And of course I'm still shooting my daily picture via iPhone, a habit I don't think I'll ever stop.

Happy snapping!

H :0)

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  1. Helen did a brilliant job from start to finish, and was a total pleasure to work with. And even was great fun!