Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What's a Licentiateship???

I've had such a lovely response from so many people about my award and I can't thank you all enough for your positive comments and genuine happiness for me... but... I know a few of you are a tad confused about what I won the award for. It's way to complicated to explain in 140 characters so hopefully this will make some sense of it for you.

I'm a member of the British Institue of Professional Photography (BIPP) and they have a qualification system. The levels are Affiliate, Licentiate, Associate and Fellow. When I joined the BIPP last year they said I didn't have to qualify for Affiliate, that they recognised my photography as being of a high enough standard to start as an Affliate and that I could head towards my Licentiateship straight away.

I had to submit 20 images including a working profile that explained:

-What the images were taken for and how I achieved the end result (technically).
-A personal statement about me and my photography and what I'm working towards.
-My photography insurance certificate, proof of professional indemnity and my CV.
-And supporting evidence (basically proof of published work and commissions).

Click on the below jpg for the panel of images I submitted...

All of the high res images and required information goes to a panel of judges who discuss the work and the images separately, it gets marked and then that determines whether or not you get awarded your qualification. I was awarded my Licentiateship earlier this year, yeahhh!!

BUT what I hadn't realised was that they had chosen my panel of images to go forward to be nominated for the Best Licentiateship Panel 2010. On the evening of the awards, held at Blenheim Palace in Oxford, we were told that 100 people were awarded their Licentiateship this year, that five people had gone forward to be nominated for the Best Panel award and... that I was the winner!!!!

... phew... does that make sense now?

I'm so pleased to have won, and so surprised... those that know Tom, he'll tell you if you ask, I nearly fell off my chair! I had some inspirational conversations with some of the photographers that were there and they were so complimentary about my work, it's motivated me like nothing else and that's such a great feeling.

My plan is to start working towards my Associateship, and I'm really looking forward to being assigned a BIPP mentor that is going to push me and my images as hard as possible to get the best out of myself. I'm also hoping the process will push my photography into a particular style and that based on that style I'll get booked for lots of the shoots that I really love doing.

So there you have it, that's what a Licentiateship is and that's what I won my award for. Thanks for all of your comments and support and I can't wait to get the Associateship ball rolling...

H x

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  1. Congratulations, well deserved and keep up the good work.