Saturday, 18 December 2010

Two Peaks are better than none (via iPhone)...

On our second wedding anniversary Tom and I decided we were going to try and run the Three Peaks. Approximately 24miles over the three highest peaks in the Yorkshire Dales. Peny-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. We've walked them all (a long time ago) and loved it...but it was Summer then! Unfortunately, not having a map meant we couldn't start until we had purchased one. We arrived the night before at the usually open Peny-ghent Cafe but they had closed for Christmas so the map purchase was going to have to wait until the morning :(

At 9am in Settle the next morning, the map was bought and our adventure began. Armed with a bag of Mars Bars, my iPhone and little else we trotted off confident that we'd make all three as long as we could run the downs and the bits in-between the peaks. However, once we got up high the snow and ice was treacherous and it made the up and the down very, very difficult to navigate and stay upright. It was such an adventure and a little hairy in places but it was so much fun. Armed with my iPhone I knew I had sufficient photographic armoury to make the best of the surrounding breathtaking views.

We were the only people out there and in places which are popular among tourists and walkers a like we both relished the solitude. The peaks were all ours for one day. The time ticked on though and we knew we would be cutting it fine to make the last peak (Ingleborough). As we climbed Whernside, Ingleborough was just a stones throw away and bathed in the slowly setting sun. If only we had left an hour earlier and that last peak would have been ours. But we had to err on the side of caution. We could definitely have made it up to the top of Ingleborough but we weren't so sure we would have made it down in the light and as much as it was our anniversary, a trip in a helicopter wasn't quite what we had planned so we ran into the setting sun to the nearest village.

With 23 miles in our legs, a day full of cold, fresh Yorkshire beauty and my iPhone full of magic we got back to our warm snuggly cottage with tired bodies and the filthiest feet and we ended the evening in a restaurant up the road. Our perfect anniversary...except for the missing peak... an opportunity to go back and finish Summer!!!

Enjoy our day from start to finish via my iPhone... (if you want to see the picture bigger just click on it).

H x